How many styles of Sundar® handbags exist?

The categories are: Básica Shoulder Bag, Básica Top Zipper Shoulder Bag, Rombos Top Zipper Shoulder Bag, Rombos Shoulder Bag, Crossbody Laura, Crossbody, Laptop Messenger, María Shoulder / Crossbody Bag, Backpack, Beach Bag and the special editions we launch each season.

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How do I know if my Sundar® handbag is authentic?

Design and quality are the top priorities at Sundar®, that’s why it is important to look for certain characteristics within your bag to ensure it is authentic: in the handles you can find the metal plate with our brand logo, there are two inside pockets (one for your cell phone and the other one for coins), the inner swivel eye clip for securing your Sundar® wallet or your keys, and the inner brand logo label. In addition,  the high quality of our fabrics allow us to offer everlasting products.


How many color options are there for my Sundar® handbag?

We currently have  28 color catalog, but we are continuously adding seasonal trendy colors.


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How should I clean my Sundar® handbag?

Every Sundar® Handbag has been made with high quality and easy to wash materials, that can be cleaned using water and laundry bar soap. The handbags made of fabric can be hand washed with water and laundry bar soap, while the metallic handbags  can be cleaned using only a wet cloth.


Can I wash my Sundar® handbag in the washing machine?

Our recommendation is only to hand wash your bag with water and laundry bar soap. Washing machines or dry cleaning processes could deform and damage the materials of your bag.


Do the color of Sundar® handbags vary or look different in real life compared to the photos?

There may exist a light color variation between the photos published on our webpage and our products, but don’t worry because all our bags are made with quality materials and we have strict quality control protocols in place throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the best products for our clients.


Does every bag include a pair of handles or do I have to buy them separately?

Yes, every Sundar® Handbag include a pair of handles which you will choose among the catalog available at www.sundarhandbags.com so you can customize your Sundar® Handbag. Also, you can buy additional handles.