Sometimes, all we need is a good idea:
More than 10 years ago, after a chat between sisters around the question How would you describe the ideal purse? Sundar® was born.
Today, we are one of the Mexican companies with the highest growth rate in the accessories segment,
due to the practicality of our designs, the creativity and the quality of every single handbag we make.

The Ideal Handbag for every woman

Sundar® was created thinking in what would a handbag need to be ideal? And every single one of our designs answers that necessity.

Practical, easy to maintain, stylish, original, beautiful and adjustable, are some of the adjectives our clients use to describe their Sundar®, for us this is the best sign that we are on the right track.

We started in a little workshop, that today has grown due to the increasing demand and our commitment to deliver the best products with the highest quality.

Sundar® offers the possibility of changing the style of each handbag through switchable handles, so the same bag has a different personality with a new hint of color.